Enjoy an Allergy-Safe Thanksgiving

Nov 3, 2023


Thanksgiving is a time of feasts. But if you or a family member has food allergies, it's also a time to be careful about what you eat.

Here are three tips for accommodating your guests with food allergies this Thanksgiving.

Talk to your guests

The best way to keep your guests safe is to talk to them ahead of time. Find out what their specific allergies are and their level of sensitivity. Food allergy reactions can vary from mild to life-threatening. Remember that people with food allergies know best how to keep themselves safe.

Plan ahead

Once you have gathered information, put together a plan for how you can accommodate your guests' needs. Here are a few ideas:

  • Focus on whole foods.
  • Read all ingredient labels and any allergen statements on packaging.
  • Modify recipes to use allergen-free ingredients.

Keep an eye out for cross-contact

Cross-contact is when an allergen is transferred to a food that is thought to be safe or allergy-free. One way this can happen is if utensils or cookware have contact with the allergen and are not properly washed before being used again.

Avoid cross-contact by:

  • Using separate utensils and cookware for each dish.
  • Cleaning surfaces thoroughly between uses.
  • Washing your hands frequently.
  • Serving guests who have allergies first and carrying their dishes separately from others.

Following these tips can help keep your guests safe — and make sure everyone has a happy holiday season.

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