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New Technologies and Services at the Health Pavilion Make Quality Care More Accessible

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The Health Pavilion and Diana J. White Cancer Institute opened to patients at 900 Mono Way in Sonora five years ago this August, offering a state-of-the-art new home for cancer care, imaging, outpatient lab, rehabilitation and primary care offices. Everything in the space was designed intentionally and with the patient in mind to create an environment of healing and hope.

Since then, leaders have remained committed to providing an exceptional patient experience in the Health Pavilion. Christy Casey, Administrative Director of Oncology and Diagnostic Imaging, is focused on making it easier for Mother Lode residents to access excellent care.

“It’s our priority not only to provide high-quality care, close to home, but also to make sure that care is offered in a patient-centered way that is accessible and convenient,” Casey explains.

While scheduling and process improvements may not feel glamorous, they make a meaningful difference in a patient’s experience. At the beginning of 2023, our imaging services were in just the 11th percentile nationwide when it comes to likelihood of patients recommending the service. By June, scores had jumped to the 83rd percentile.

To achieve these significant improvements for patients, teams in oncology and diagnostic imaging have worked over the last year to implement several new services and enhancements, including:

  • Online scheduling for mammography: Women can stay on top of their regular screening mammograms by scheduling online when it’s convenient for them. Plus, no referral is required.
  • Transparent cash pricing through MDsave: We’ve partnered with MDsave to allow patients to shop and compare out-of-pocket costs for common exams like X-rays, MRIs and ultrasounds. MDsave provides upfront pricing so patients can take the financial guesswork out of their healthcare needs.
  • Efficient scheduling and check-in: Taking stock of scheduling processes, Casey’s team has reduced the number of canceled exams and improved timeliness of scheduling appointments from the time a referral is received. They have also streamlined check-in processes to make the process more efficient when patients arrive and ensure more exams are on-time.
  • Maximizing access to infusion using AI: Due to the complexity and variety of treatments at the Infusion Center, the center will soon use AI to assist with scheduling, which will allow a greater number of patients to be treated each day. This will expand access to newly available treatments like chemotherapy for bladder cancer patients, who now won’t have to leave the Mother Lode for lifesaving treatment.

For Casey, these new technologies and services are central to the team’s commitment to providing high-quality care.

“Making our care easier to access and providing a better experience are important parts of ensuring our patients live healthier lives.”