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Adventist Health and Rideout Honors July BE Award Recipients


BE Award Recipient: Barbara Kile

Nominated By: Julie Buck

BE Statement: Be a Mission Owner

Brennan Dara​Julie Buck: "I cannot say enough good things about Barbara. She is an excellent medical assistant. She goes above and beyond for not only her patients, but also her provider. She single-handedly takes care of all her patient's needs.

"She welcomes them as if they were a cherished family friend, does their intake, gathers all the pertinent information so her provider has everything she needs, schedules any imaging or other appointments that are needed and schedules their follow-up appointments with her provider.

When her provider is not in the office, she helps the front office, call center and covers other MAs as needed. She does all of this with a smile on her face. She is a joy to work with!"

Brennan Dara

BE Award Recipient: Nathan Patterson

Department: PACU

Nominated By: Stacy Antrobus

BE Statement: Be Brilliant

Stacy Antrobus: "Be Brilliant: Nathan’s expertise in the surgical care of patients is exceptional. He is very talented and skilled in providing outstanding care and support to his patients and their families.

"Nathan is an amazing recovery nurse who has consistently delivered exceptional care to all of his patients. However, when my own father became his patient, I had the opportunity to witness Nathan’s brilliance firsthand, and I must say, he truly shined.

"Nathan’s kind and compassionate nature was immediately evident as he interacted with my father. His genuine concern for my dad's well-being and comfort created an atmosphere of trust and reassurance.

"What made Nathan even more remarkable was his ability to blend his expertise with a touch of entertainment. He possesses a unique talent for lightening the mood and making patients feel at ease. His sense of humor and warmth brought smiles to my father's face, effectively easing any post-surgical discomfort and anxiety. My father couldn't stop raving about Nathan’s care, describing his hospital experience as the best of his life. Nathan’s unwavering dedication to providing outstanding care undoubtedly left a lasting impression on both my father and our family.

"His exemplary skills as a recovery nurse, coupled with his compassionate nature and ability to bring joy to his patients, set him apart, making him truly brilliant. Nathan is an invaluable asset to our healthcare team, and I am grateful for the exceptional care he provided my father, and consistently provides all of our patients. Continue to "Be Brilliant," Nathan. You are truly valued and appreciated."

BE Award Recipient: Sujhei Farias

Department: Home Health

Nominated By: Hailey Beutler and Cynthia Lopez

BE Phrase: Be a Force for Good

Brennan Dara​Hailey Beutler: "Sujhei is one of the kindest and most caring people I have met and had the chance to work with. She has been with the company for 10-plus years, working as a CNA and then a cardiac monitor technician, and then furthering her education and becoming an LVN at the fountains and now with home health.

"Sujhei would give her patients the shirt off her back without asking 'what’s in it for me?' She goes above and beyond for our patients in the community. The patients also recognize her hard work and are so grateful to have such a great wound care nurse.

She is the definition of the mission statement for Adventist Health. She is so deserving of this award. She leads by example and is such a go-getter. Her patients love her and would want home health forever if Sujhei was their nurse. I could rant and rave about how dedicated Sujhei is."

Cynthia Lopez: "I have had the privilege to work with Sujhei for many years on the Adventist Health and Rideout team. We worked together first as CNAs at the fountains, then together at the main hospital. We went to nursing school together and now we work together at home health as field nurses.

"Sujhei is exactly what a nurse should be: patient, kind, and caring. She will go out of her way for her patients, team members and even a stranger off the street. Sujhei is an amazing nurse, and her specialty is wounds. She goes out of her way even with a full day schedule to make it happen. She will take care of her patients and always do her best.

"Patients have told me she is an angel on Earth. She has even gone as far as to help my family when they have fallen ill or needed a nurse. She will do anything to help anyone. She works long hours and drives far distances but does not care if she can help. She has been even sick herself and pushed that aside to take care of others. She puts herself last and always her patients and team first. She deserves this award I cannot describe how incredible she is. She is the best!"

Brennan Dara

BE Award Recipient: Jeff Mayo (Leader Category)

Department: Facilities

Nominated by: Shawndel Meder

BE Phrase: Be a Force for Good

Brennan Dara​Shawndel Meder: "Today I watched Jeff who happened to be driving by while working, notice a family with their car hood open in our parking lot. They were clearly having car troubles.

"Jeff stopped and walked over to see if they needed help. I couldn't hear all the conversation, but they told him no, they were fine. As he started to walk back to his car, he noticed something wrong with their tire and came back to show them, he then stood there with them until help became available.

"Jeff could have easily driven by this family as we are all busy, but he took the time to stop and make sure they were OK. If you asked me what my definition of Jeff is, it would be exactly that. He is ALWAYS willing to stop and make sure we are OK. The world needs more Jeff‘s and Adventist Health and Rideout is lucky to have him."

BE Award Recipient: Dr. Sanei-Fard

Nominated By: Carla Benton

BE Phrase: Be Brilliant

Brennan Dara​Carla Benton: "I just wanted to share what a great patient experience I had with Dr. Sanei-Fard and his office, and Kammie and her Outpatient Cardiology Team.

"As a patient, it was so nice and refreshing to experience our (my) Adventist Health and Rideout work family shine in their element! I always knew they go above and beyond as I have been here several years and witnessed it, and I can say 100% that I was treated with the upmost kindness, respect, and professionalism.

"Dr Sanei-Fard is my husband's cardiologist, so I already knew I liked him. Plus working with him throughout the years. But WOW! He is a super nice guy. He even let me give him a BIG hug! I now just want to be his patient because he is amazing, professional, thorough, and very kind. He embodies the "Be Brilliant" aspect! He is super talented and took the time to discuss the process, next steps, results, and shared great heart healthy information too! With my whole heart, I am so grateful he accepted me as a patient and took on my case! Likewise, his office team were amazing with coordinating everything.

"You see, I will be a living donor (kidney) for my sister’s husband- everything was “finalized” as far as my living donor test results and as a perfect match to the recipient (my brother-in-law) as well as approved to move forward to the next step.

"On June 7, at their Patient Selection Committee, it was noted that the transplant team had inadvertently missed doing a stress test and echo. Being that the transplant center is in Tulsa, OK (my family lives in northwest Arkansas), and I had already flown there in mid-May for some rigorous tests and evaluations, we had to come up with a plan! I was in a bind, so I reached out to our cardiology team. They more than delivered! My case is being presented again today (June 20) at their biweekly Patient Selection committee. The St. John's transplant coordinator let me know she received the medical records from Dr. Sanei-Fard and his office this morning - just in time! That is fantastic service and going above and beyond for their patients!

"I truly had a great experience, and our cardiology team alleviated any of my fears of not being able to be a living donor. I am forever grateful and blessed to be a part of Adventist Health and Rideout and to be a valued and cared for patient."

Brennan Dara