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How to Protect Yourself From a Stroke

Stroke Care

Are you at risk for a stroke? 

Every minute counts if you are experiencing one. Learn the causes and warning signs. 

Strokes are the leading cause of death among adults in the U.S. Receiving quick, expert care can save lives, which is why Adventist Health Castle is proud to provide innovative and fast stroke treatment to the community. 

Adventist Health Castle providers use the phrase “time is brain” in reference to strokes, because treatment must be administered quickly to reduce brain cell loss. Here’s how to protect yourself from a stroke: 

Know your risks 

  • Lifestyle risks: Being overweight, having diabetes, smoking, eating an unhealthy diet and having more than two alcoholic drinks per day 
  • Heart and vascular risks: Having high blood pressure, a history of heart attack, atrial fibrillation, unhealthy cholesterol levels and narrowed arteries 
  • Genetic risks: Being older than 60 and having a parent or sibling who had a stroke 

Act quickly 

A stroke can happen before you even realize it. Remember “BE FAST” to watch for symptoms that appear suddenly: 

B – Balance loss 

E – Eyesight changes 

F – Facial drooping 

A – Arm weakness 

S – Speech difficulty 

T – Time to call 911 

If you think you or a loved one might be having a stroke, call 911 immediately. Two million brain cells can die every minute a stroke goes untreated, but new medicines and interventions can minimize damage to the brain if they are administered in time. 

Get lifesaving treatment 

Every minute counts when a stroke occurs, and most treatment must be given within 4½ hours. Adventist Health Castle providers are equipped to quickly assess and treat people experiencing stroke without delay.