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What Comprehensive Breast Care Looks Like

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When breast surgeon Dennis Holmes, MD, joined Adventist Health Glendale in 2015, he came with a goal: to offer breast care from start to finish in one place. He wanted to open a breast center where women could be screened for breast cancer and, after diagnosis, access radiation oncology, surgical oncology and other services without having to visit different locations. 

“My personal wish has been to provide comprehensive breast cancer care from the point of screening through treatment,” Dr. Holmes says. 

Sam and Grace Carvajal 

Bolstered by Dr. Holmes’ vision and the critical need for breast cancer services in the community, Adventist Health Glendale has worked to bring his dream to life. The result is the Sam and Grace Carvajal Comprehensive Breast Center, which opens this winter and was funded in part by philanthropic giving through the Adventist Health Glendale Foundation

Sam and Grace Carvajal, longtime donors and former associates and volunteers for Adventist Health Glendale, have been woven into the fabric of the hospital for many years. The breast center that now bears their names is a testament to their incredible generosity, selflessness and love for the hospital throughout the years. Thanks to them, and many other generous donors, the breast center will serve Glendale and surrounding communities with compassion. 

Comprehensive Breast Care 

For women experiencing breast cancer, accessing care — from screening and diagnosis to treatment — can be complex. Now, all of the services they need will be available in one place. The breast center will have expert breast surgeons, oncologists, radiologists, nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists, dietitians and psychiatrists who tailor their care to each woman’s needs and help her through her fight against breast cancer. 

Navigating Cancer with Compassion 

A cancer diagnosis can be terrifying and overwhelming. At the breast center, however, every patient will be assigned a breast patient navigator who walks her through the process with compassion, answers questions and helps her manage her care. Think of the navigators as your advocate to ensure you get the best possible care. And for those looking for community, the breast center offers support groups for breast cancer fighters, survivors and caregivers. After all, nobody should have to face cancer alone.