Ignore the Noise

Jan 21, 2022


For many of us, January brings New Year's resolutions, commercials for gym memberships, and another dietary fad. This bombardment of pressure and suggestions to get healthy can become overwhelming. Many of us have tried to make healthy changes year after year that we can’t seem to stick to. Studies have shown that resolutions made in January can lead to higher levels of success, but only for people with self-efficacy, readiness to make a change, and the necessary skills to change. This means that a lifestyle change can start anytime with the proper support, motivation, and confidence.

If you are thinking about changes you want to make, here are a few things to consider:

  • You can start working to improve health at any time. Lifestyle decisions don’t need to be tied to an artificial start date.
  • It is often not necessary to change everything at once. Trying to exercise more, eat better, stop smoking, stop drinking, and learn to meditate all at once is overwhelming and quickly becomes discouraging. Most people stop after a short time.
  • There are no instant fixes (I can’t say this enough). Each of these changes take knowledge, effort, and perseverance.

I’m not particularly a fan on New Year’s resolutions because health is a lifelong journey that revolves around making good choices yearly, monthly, daily, and sometimes minute by minute. As we discussed in the last blog, quick fixes aren’t the answer.

So What is the Answer?

Let’s begin with a talk about your goals and see where you are right now. Do you have high cholesterol or blood pressure? Are you trying to keep diabetes under control? Are you at an unhealthy weight? There is no one size fits all plan that works for everyone since we are each unique.

A visit to my office is the place to start. When we meet, I’m going to have a lot more questions for you! A few include:

  • What prompted your visit today?
  • When did you start to see a problem?
  • Who do you have in your life that offers support?
  • Why do you want to get healthier?

After our discussion, we will decide what additional testing is needed to complete a snapshot of your health.

With a complete picture in hand, we’ll discuss how to take you from where you are to where you want to be. Using my expertise as a board-certified lifestyle medicine physician, I will teach you about your health and what the scientific evidence shows about your disease and treatments. We will work together to develop a realistic plan that works for your needs and produces results and I will support you in setting achievable goals. Certainly, diet and exercise will be included, but having a specific purpose like lowering your cholesterol, being able to keep up with your kids, running errands with ease, or fitting into those pants you love will help you stay on track.

Once you achieve the first goal, we’ll take on the next one. My team and I always want the very best for you, and we’re here to help.

Ready to Talk?

Call my office, 707-467-4327 and schedule a time for us to meet. I am committed to your success and helping you achieve your health goals with solid, science-based lifestyle and medical recommendations. Let’s get you healthy and enjoying life!

Check back here regularly during the next few months for nutritional information and tips for reaching your goals.


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