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Dr. John Bohlman retires from treating patients, continues medical officer role until the end of 2022


John Bohlman, MD, has started a new chapter at Adventist Health Tillamook, stepping down from full-time roles of primary care provider, surgeon and medical officer to serve in a part-time role as medical officer until the end of 2022. This move comes after a 40-year-long career in serving patients on the Oregon Coast, most recently 11 years at Adventist Health. The move was driven by planned and unplanned elements, which Dr. Bohlman states, “My medical assistant’s decision to transition to a new career field combined with my 70th birthday last fall has prompted me to reconsider the timing and path to my retirement.”

On January 14, Dr. Bohlman’s last day in clinic practice occurred with a deep appreciation of his patients and staff. He shared in a letter to his patients sent the week before his last day, “I am going to miss the friendships that I have developed with all of you and will miss our interactions in the office.” President of Adventist Health Tillamook, Eric Swanson states, “Dr. Bohlman’s contribution to our community has been immeasurable, and I look forward to working with him to continue in his role of medical officer to focus on inpatient quality and service while a replacement for the medical officer position is determined.”

While Dr. Bohlman plans to retire from Adventist Health in late 2022, he still plans to stay in Tillamook for the immediate future while looking ahead with his wife, Paula, to determine how they want to maximize their lives with their children and grandchildren, as well as some travel. In addition, Dr. Bohlman aims to challenge himself in retirement. “I am considering taking a calculus class, covering the four quarters that cover the topic,” says Bohlman. He continues, “I know this has virtually no practical utility in my life, but it does interest me and will keep me active.” Lastly, Dr. Bohlman would like to share a personal sentiment echoing his strong commitment to his faith, stating “His wish for all is that we appreciate our God’s great gift and continue to live in His unlimited grace as we await His return.”