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Live longer, better with Blue Zones Power 9


Blue Zones Project has identified nine key principles, called the Power 9, that help people live longer, healthier lives. Here are some simple ways to apply these lessons to your life:

Move naturally

No need to hit the gym every day for a sweat session. Instead, move as much as you can throughout the day. Centenarians typically live in environments that encourage mobility — try walking or bicycling to the store instead of driving.

Eat wisely

Dieting is out. Instead, it’s all about consistently eating well. Include more fresh produce and beans in your meals. And stop eating when you feel 80 percent full. It takes time for your brain to catch up and realize your stomach is satisfied.

Connect with your community

Finding a sense of belonging can greatly improve your life expectancy. Blue Zones Project research shows an increase of four to 14 years for people who engage in a faith-based community four times a month, for example.

Have the right outlook

Blue Zones Project research shows that people with a strong sense of purpose in life may live up to seven years longer on average. And when stress comes, tap into your sense of purpose. Go for a walk to clear your head, spend time with loved ones or take a nap.

Longevity in the Upper Napa Valley

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