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Adventist Health St. Helena Inspiring Hope throughout Napa Valley


Inspire Hope. That’s the name of Adventist Health St. Helena’s program that aims to provide much needed items such as home goods, appliances, furniture, personal hygiene items, shelf stable foods, kids toys, diapers and much more to those who are in need. Since the program’s inception in November of 2020, that’s exactly what it is doing – inspiring hope to a community in need.

As smoke was still settling following the Glass Fire, Karla Newton, community well-being director at Adventist Health St. Helena and her team extended their services from immediate needs like food and drinking water to a longer-term strategy that would benefit fire survivors. In partnership with World Vision, a Christian humanitarian organization that helps children, families, and communities overcome poverty and injustice around the globe, Adventist Health St. Helena launched the Inspire Hope program out of space graciously donated by the Trinchero family in their American Canyon warehouse. The well-being team receives a 53ft semi-truck full of goods every two weeks and distributes through over 25 local non-profits, service groups, churches and individual volunteers to reach their clients who are in need.

More than 200 fire survivors have benefited from these goods. Now, Inspire Hope has evolved beyond fire survivors to serve any of the partner clients in need – such as those in transitional housing, families in shelters, those with severe low-income, and many more. Over 400 individuals/households have been served since the program’s inception in November of 2020. From diapers, couches, toaster ovens, refrigerators, washers and dryers and countless additional items - members of our community benefited from unprecedented generosity and goodwill. The work carried out by staff and volunteers is varied and it takes a certain kind of person to thrive during challenging times. Madeline Wagner is one such person. She is the associate project specialist in the well-being division at Adventist Health St. Helena. “We partner with various organizations to meet those in need where they are,” says Madeline. On any given day, you will find her working in the Trinchero Winery warehouse, at a related site off Oak Knoll or strategizing and moving items to various intermediate destinations for distribution.

As needs grew so did the outpouring of volunteer support. Karen Wyard, Senior Outreach Specialist at UpValley Family Centers, was one such volunteer. What makes this more impactful is that she was a volunteer and sought help through the Inspire Hope program. Karen learned of the program while assisting seniors she works with at UpValley Family Centers. As it turns out, her house was one of many lost in the fire along with many of her belongings. “Having lived here for 30+ years, I don’t think I’ve felt as connected with the community as I do now,” says Karen. “There’s something about these challenges that has galvanized and brought us together in a way that hasn’t happened before… This program is such a godsend for our clients and me!”

There’s a right time to lend a hand and for Connie Piper, the time is now. Connie’s roots are deep; she is a third-generation Napa resident. She much like many volunteers, found us through the incredible network of non-profits throughout Napa Valley. Connie provides the Inspire Hope project the gift of space and the ability to showcase some of the donated items in a comfortable setting where fire victims can look through without being overwhelmed. “I am happy to work in conjunction with the non-profit community, coming together to bridge gaps,” states Connie.

“We are proud to play an integral part in supporting the well-being of our community. Our associates and volunteers are the power that drives this engine,” says Dr. Steven Herber, Adventist Health St. Helena president. “The efforts in support of our community during common and uncommon times are a testament to the vitality of the valley we call home.”

Throughout our most recent challenging times, there has been an unprecedented need and consequentially more opportunities to help and support. “We can improve the lives of our vulnerable populations today and ultimately shape the health of our community as a whole in the future,” states Karla Newton. When asked, what you would tell an associate or community member to inspire them about your work or volunteering, she states, “A rising tide raises all ships – we want to be that tide and a beacon of hope for our community.”

There’s magic that happens when you pair the incredible work of Adventist Health St. Helena associates, partner organizations and local volunteers with extraordinary donations provided by FEMA and World Vision. The work of the well-being division of Adventist Health St. Helena and their Inspire Hope program is making a difference in the lives of community members in need. If you would like to learn more or get involved in this rewarding work, please reach out to Karla Newton at

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