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Adventist Health Tillamook Restarts Lifestyle Medicine Program

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Adventist Health Tillamook announces the re-start of their Lifestyle Medicine Program starting the week of July 26, 2021, after it was put on pause during the COVID-19 pandemic. Originally launched in January 2020 at the Medical Office – Plaza on the Adventist Health Tillamook hospital campus found at 1000 Third Street in Tillamook, this group program focuses on better health outcomes through diet, exercise, and positive reinforcement championed and instructed by Dr. Ben Douglas. Dr. Douglas is a 12-year veteran of Adventist Health, where he has a long history of supporting preventative heart health of patients.

“Fun is a critical part of the program,” says Dr. Douglas. “We go on group walks, tours of the grocery store, visit the YMCA, and have guest speakers to learn from and engage with.” The Lifestyle Medicine Program follows the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, which bases its recommendations on science and research that impacts health. “We don’t focus on fad diets; instead, we focus on interventions,” shares Sarah Armstrong, Dr. Douglas’ medical assistant and 15-year veteran of Adventist Health. “The groups we support in this program rely on each other for support in-between sessions while building relationships toward a shared goal. People have said they find it helpful to communicate with others in the group and felt supported in their journey toward better health.”

Dr. Douglas and his medical assistant Sarah are excited about seeing patients in the program again as well as what the future holds for it. Focusing on patients with heart disease and strokes is first in order of priority for expansion, plus supporting mental health through the existing parameters of the program. In addition, Dr. Douglas sees an opportunity in adapting the program for employee health at organizations in the Tillamook County area.

For more information about the Lifestyle Medicine Program and how to participate, reach out to Dr. Douglas at 503-815-2292 or visit the Lifestyle Medicine web page