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New CT scanner at Adventist Health Hanford is improving care


HANFORD – A new computed tomography (CT) scanner at Adventist Health Hanford is improving care by providing higher quality images at a faster rate.

The “GE Revolution EVO Gen 3” scanner detects bone and joint problems, such as fractures; tumors; blood clots; and excess fluid or infection.

“The end result is a significant increase in scanning speed, accuracy and less doses of radiation to our patients,” says Dr. Edward Gabriel, radiologist and medical director of Imaging at Adventist Health in the Central Valley.

The new technology is for Emergency Department patients, patients within the hospital who would benefit and for interventional procedures outside the hospital, such as CT guided liver, bone and lung biopsies as well as CT guided abscess drainages, CT angiograms and chest and nephrostomy tube placements.

“The CT scanner comes with fluoroscopic capabilities, which make conducting biopsies (examination of tissue inside the body) much faster, and in turn, more comfortable for the patient,” says Andrea Vieira, administrative director for Ancillary Services at Adventist Health in the Central Valley. “The CT scanner also comes with stroke enhancement packages, which means we can scan a stroke patient significantly faster and perform reconstructions to give providers results a lot sooner.”

In addition to faster scan times, the new CT scanner produces less noise and less metal artifacts that often hamper image quality when reviewing bone and joint issues.