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COVID Testing at Adventist Health Tillamook Medical Offices

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COVID testing in Tillamook County has become a necessary service for not only confirming if you’re sick, but a wide range of topics related to travel, returning to work or school, and if you’ve been in close proximity to others who may be infected with COVID. Adventist Health Tillamook offers the following guide for COVID-19 testing so that you can make easy and informed decisions.  

Primary care and urgent care COVID testing 

Outpatient COVID-19 rapid testing is available at all our primary and urgent care clinics. If you are insured, seeking testing for symptoms or medical care, your test will be billed to insurance. A copay or deductible may apply. If you are uninsured, there is no cost for testing symptoms or medical care. 

Existing patients: If symptomatic or medical care is needed, schedule an appointment with your primary care provider. If your symptoms require urgent treatment before an appointment is available, urgent care is available and can provide follow-up with your primary care provider after your visit. If you have difficulty breathing, chest pain or other symptoms that are emergent, please proceed to your nearest emergency room. If testing is appropriate, any of these providers can order testing and provide the medical care needed.

New patients: Seek urgent or emergent care as appropriate if you are unable to schedule with a provider for a test, or if you are having difficulty breathing, chest pain or other symptoms.  

Rapid and travel COVID testing 

Our clinics also provide COVID testing for return to work after an exposure, pre-operative testing for a procedure, for travel purposes, and if required to attend events. We offer PCR testing that meets travel testing requirements for testing within a 72-hour window. There is a charge for non-medically required testing. To obtain a test, contact your primary care provider or surgeon so they can put an order in and it can be completed with a simple visit at any Adventist Health Tillamook clinic.   

Hospital COVID testing 

Patients admitted to the Adventist Health Tillamook hospital, either from the ER or for a procedure, will be tested for COVID-19 as recommended by the CDC

Patients scheduled for a procedure must receive a COVID-19 test at any Adventist Health Tillamook clinic location 48 to 72 hours before their procedure. Simply have your doctor place the lab order for the test.