Dr. Eric Klein discusses prostate cancer

Sep 24, 2020


Men are great at so many things—but staying current on their preventive health screenings usually isn’t one of them. Dr. Eric Klein, a urologist at Adventist Health Tillamook says, “Prostate cancer is a very common disease that effects men. There are no signs for prostate cancer, so examinations and testing are important for early detection.” September is Prostate Health Month. Dr. Klein has some tips for men to stay healthy.

Get regular checkups and screenings

Aside from a busy schedule or a dislike of going to the doctor, some men question the value of testing. Consider screenings as a tool to give you more information about the status of your health. Screenings can provide you with peace of mind and a baseline as you age.

Be self-aware

Be aware of how you feel, pains you are experiencing, and changes to your overall health. Look for signs such as blood in your urine, pain in the rectal, pelvic or lower back areas, or the inability to pass urine. While unexplained weight loss might be something to celebrate, it can also be a sign of illness.

Take better care of yourself

Reduce your health risks by being proactive. Eat less red meat and more fruits and vegetables. Be active and maintain a healthy weight. Some studies have shown men who are overweight are at a greater risk for prostate cancer.

One last tip. Dr. Klein says, “I encourage my patients to let their bodies guide their health. If there are any changes in your body or your health, see your doctor.”