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An open letter to our community


Adventist Health Glendale Hospital has always been a place of competent, caring and high-quality care. We’ve been serving this community for 115 years and are ranked in the top 10% among hospitals in the region, according to US News & World Report.

It’s the result of our culture that is committed to excellence and our continuous drive to be better to live out our mission to inspire health, wholeness and hope to the community we serve. We are fortunate to not only have terrific health care professionals here, but also consistent support as part of an integrated health system.

We take great pride in the clear communications and planning that has allowed us to embrace the profession’s best practices and cutting-edge, top-of-the-line care. This level of care is now more important to our well-being than ever.

Our value has been proven over and over during the COVID-19 pandemic. We were better able to be prepared by learning important lessons in real time from hospitals in other parts of the country that were hit with the coronavirus first. From the start, physicians from multiple specialties have worked closely together and with hospital administration on each and every case to ensure the best care. We were effective in our readiness efforts by securing adequate supplies of personal protective equipment and pharmaceutical supplies. Obtaining these resources, during a time of great demand, allowed us all the safety needed to provide excellent care for our patients.

Adventist Health Glendale is, in our view, a hidden gem of a hospital in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. That’s why we want the community to be aware of our record and our continuous commitment to a level of patient care that never compromises.

With news of new infection spikes, and more anticipated on the horizon, we want to be clear about Adventist Health Glendale’s proven role as a guardian of public health and a place where patients can feel safe and secure whether they are facing COVID-19 or any other complex medical need.

We want to remind our community that in this time of a public health crisis, it is vital that you take care of yourself. If you need medical attention, don’t delay or hesitate to visit the hospital. The earlier you are cared for, the fewer the complications and the quicker your recovery.

The value we place on patient safety and positive outcomes is number one. We want you to know that Adventist Health Glendale is here for you. At a time of great challenges and uncertainty, please know that we are prepared to take care of you and your family. We believe we are made for more. More kindness, more support, more hope.

Thank you for your continued trust as we care for this community during extraordinary times, with the same unwavering commitment to quality care that we’ve had since our founding in 1905.

  • Arash Alborzi, MD
  • Romic Eskandarian, PharmD
  • Sylvia Kotikian, MD
  • Elizabeth Maslow, MD
  • Saeid Safaee, MD
  • Shant Shirvanian, MD
  • Leo Shum, MD