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Adventist Health Rehab: Open, safe and ready

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Your health, pain and quality of life can’t wait for the eventual end of the coronavirus pandemic. That’s why Adventist Health’s rehabilitation services team is putting in lots of extra effort to make sure your therapy continues safely and conveniently.

Keeping our rehab clinics safe

Clinics and hospitals may seem like the worst place to be right now. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We are taking extraordinary steps to ensure your health and safety in all of our facilities.

Our safety measures include:

Screenings: Before visits and upon arrival, all patients, caregivers and staff are screened for signs and symptoms of the coronavirus. This includes wellness and temperature checks.

Limiting patients: We limit how many in-person appointments are available at any one time in our clinics.

Requiring masks: Everyone in our clinics wears masks. You may bring your own from home.

Maintaining social distancing: Our check-in and waiting areas are arranged to provide ample space between patients and staff. Our exercise and therapy areas are set up to maintain separation.

Sanitizing continuously: We constantly disinfect our equipment, furniture and therapy tools to protect you and our staff from exposure to any illnesses.

Virtual visits: Therapy in your own home

The silver lining of this pandemic is the innovation that is allowing us to meet more needs than ever. Our rehab team now offers telehealth visits using online video systems like Microsoft Teams. Virtual rehab visits are ideal for patients who appreciate the convenience and security of having therapy at home.

When you call for your appointment, let our registration team know if you’re interested in a virtual visit. Our staff is happy to help you get your phone, computer or tablet set up for a video visit with a therapist.

Most health insurance allow for tele-health visits. We will confirm with your insurance prior to the start of therapy. Let us know if you need helping making sure yours does.

Rehab care for you, in more ways than ever before

So many things seem uncertain right now. One thing you can depend on is our full commitment to your wellness and safety.

Please don’t delay the rehab care you need today. We will help you to keep your health moving in the right direction.

To make an appointment, go to and click on “contact us”  or call us directly at 503-261-6962. We will do the rest!