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Managing chronic headaches without medication

News, Pain Management

There are many reasons for chronic headaches, blunt force trauma, sinus congestion, dehydration etc. The type of chronic headaches I can help patients is caused by vertebral subluxations of the cervical spine (neck). Ligaments are soft tissues that hold joints together and allow the muscles to move the joints within a normal range of motion. When the ligaments of the neck have been torn or stretched further than they were designed to, the nearby nerves that exit the spine can be adversely affected. To prevent further insult, the muscles will tighten up around the compromised joints restricting its ability to move properly and increases muscle tension, sometimes enough to trigger headaches.

Chiropractors, such as myself are trained to locate and reduce vertebral subluxations by realigning the compromised joints. Once the joints are realigned the pressure on the nerves is reduced, muscles relax, and headaches can reduce in intensity or disappear. Consequently, the need for medication to manage headaches could be reduced or eliminated with your medical doctors’ approval.

So many of my chronic headache patients find the condition to be debilitating. They avoid sunlight, reduce social interactions and suffer many times in silence. It is so rewarding to see them go from living a life of pain to getting back to what they love most after their first few appointments.