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A new ER experience for a new COVID-19 reality

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Putting off visits to an ER during any pandemic may sound like the safe option, but if you’re feeling enough discomfort to consider an ER visit, not going to the ER is the most dangerous thing you can do. Emergencies are emergencies for a reason: your body needs care now.

And that’s why we are open, ready for you and SAFE.

We have reimagined our already-safe ER to be even safer in this age of COVID as you and your family receive the emergency care you need. We have created many protocols to ensure every moment of your next visit is completely COVID-safe. And we’ve done it without losing all of the compassionate expertise you’ve come to expect.

Our ER has adopted these important COVID-specific policies:

  • Regular disinfecting of every area. Each waiting room, registration area and patient-care area is sanitized continuously throughout the day and night. Especially high-touch, high traffic areas such as countertops, seating and handrails.
  • Social distancing. We require patients to maintain at least six feet of distance during registration and in the waiting room. And while examinations can’t be done at a distance, all doctors and nurses are fully trained in the safety protocols, wear protective gear, wash their hands regularly and change gloves before seeing each patient.
  • Masks: All ER personnel and patients are required to wear a mask in the ER. Additionally, all ER personnel are required to wear face shields when treating patients.
  • Entry screening. We screen everyone for symptoms and risk factors prior to entering. This includes all ER personnel as well as patients.
  • Visitor limits: Currently, we are limiting visitations to one person per patient per day with limited visitation hours.
  • COVID-specific entrance and exam rooms. Anyone with COVID-19 symptoms are fully isolated from other patients, for the safety of the entire community.

We have the power to keep everyone in our community safe. It means we all have to work together to be careful, smart and resolute. We’re doing that in our ER. So when you’re in need of emergency care, we’re your safe, compassionate destination.