Tulare ER team treats 10,000th patient

Mar 13, 2019


The team at Tulare Regional Medical Center managed by Adventist Health reached a major milestone on March 8, 2019, caring for its 10,000th emergency department patient since opening less than five months ago.

The need for emergency care has been keenly felt since the day the doors first opened Oct. 15, 2018, when the first patient arrived by ambulance during the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Now, nearing five months to that day, the 10,000th emergency department patient received care here in Tulare.

“After such a terrible tragedy our hospital endured, the angels of Adventist Health have restored our hospital operations and provided for our health emergencies,” said Kevin Northcraft, president of the board of directors of the Tulare Local Health Care District. “Included in the 10,000 that have been served since October 15 are no doubt many who are alive today because of those nearby services. God bless all who brought us back from disaster!”

The emergency department staff watched with growing interest over the past few weeks when it became evident that this milestone was at hand. Emergency Department Manager Kasey Belflower said the growing number has been a source of pride and gratitude to the staff.

“It’s been so exciting to watch the hospital grow over the past few months and experience such a positive welcome from Tulare residents,” she said. “It really means a lot to know that they have put their trust in us to provide the care they need.”

Since opening, services have expanded to include elective surgery, wound care and home health care services in addition to the inpatient and outpatient lab services, medical imaging, pharmacy, respiratory therapy and nutritional services that began Oct. 15. 

“We have made incredible strides over the past few months to restore basic health services and more to the residents of Tulare, with all credit going to our devoted team and our supportive community,” said Randy Dodd, Adventist Health president of Tulare Regional Medical Center. “We know that our presence is making a major difference in access to care throughout Tulare County.”

Residents can expect even more services to roll out in 2019, including obstetrical, sleep lab and additional services.