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Blessing Bundles for new mothers

Walking the halls of the Birth Center at Adventist Health Reedley, you may see a mother-to-be waiting to meet her newborn. You may hear the cry of a baby taking its first breaths. You may even get the chance to witness a bundle of joy cradled in a new mother’s arms.

Now, new mothers at the Birth Center are going home with another precious gift. Following delivery, each mother is presented with a “Blessing Bundles” gift bag. The bags are filled with booklets, a toy and more resources for the families to enjoy with their new baby. The Blessing Bundles are a gift from LIFEhouse Valley Church, a symbol of their commitment to bring local families closer to Christ.

“We want to introduce them to Christ, as this is the beginning of eternity,” says Maggie Sloan, a chaplain with LIFEhouse Valley Church.

The idea of Blessing Bundles began in early 2019, when the church welcomed six new additions to their growing family. A Bible study group assembled gifts for the new parents, and it didn’t take long for them to decide to extend the blessings with the surrounding community. The church approached the Birth Center about their idea, and soon after, the Blessing Bundles were born.

“These gift bags are filled with love and have been very much appreciated by our patients,” says Irene Moncada, Birth Center director. “Our goal at the Birth Center is not only to help families through delivery, but to offer them support as they begin this wonderful new stage of their lives. We are blessed to have the support of LIFEhouse Valley Church through this touching detail that the new parents will always remember.”

Twenty-five Blessing Bundles were donated on April 12, the first of a recurring donation to the Birth Center. The group is preparing to donate another 25 to the new mothers this summer. Every item is donated by the community, and every gift bag is assembled by the LIFEhouse Valley Church family.

“Our hope is that they feel the love of Christ through this blessing from God, their new bundle of joy,” says Maggie.

Contributions or donations to the Blessing Bundles may be made by contacting the church office at 559-638-2200. LIFEhouse Valley Church meets 10:30 a.m. Sunday in the Immanuel High School chapel.