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Your fall bucket list


Crisp cool air, the crunch of leaves and sweater weather—fall is here! As pumpkin spice flavored everything becomes all the rage, fall is the perfect time to check off some seasonal bucket list items. Fun fall activities have a narrow window for participation, so here’s a list to help you get started right away!

  • Go apple picking – Take in the fresh air and spend time with family and friends picking apples right from the orchard. Apple picking is a fun and unique way to get some exercise and embrace the start of the fall season. Plus, you can make an apple pie or hot apple cider with all of the apples you’ll bring home!
  • Learn to knit – Fall is scarf, mitten and knit cap weather! Instead of buying these items from the store, learn to knit this season and sport your very own made-with-love fall accessories.
  • Take a hike – The weather is perfect for hiking in the fall! The heat of summer has dissipated, but the winter chill hasn’t quite set in. Look for a hike in your area and get your family and friends to join you. This is also the perfect excuse to find a spot to see the leaves change colors.
  • Help your neighbors – Helping others is always a wonderful way to spend a day, no matter what the season. While fall leaves may be a welcome sight to some, others like the elderly may have a hard time keeping their yards clean. Help out your neighbors by grabbing a rake and tidying up their space.
  • Visit a farmers market – There are so many amazing types of fall produce! Visit your local farmers market and explore the various offerings. Pick out something you’ve never cooked before and test a new recipe.
  • Take a class – There’s no time like the present! If you’ve thought about learning something new, seize the opportunity now. Review the fall class schedules from your local parks and recreation department or community college and select a class that piques your interest.
  • Plan a picnic – Fall weather sets the stage to cozy up on a blanket with a delicious meal and enjoy time outdoors. Try to unplug and stay off your phone while taking in the beautiful day.
  • Play flag football – Tis' the season for football! While many will be glued to their TVs watching both college and professional football, take this fall pastime off the couch and into a near by park. Set up several flag football games and get some fun exercise with a seasonal feel.
  • Cook with pumpkin – Fall is best known for the integration of the pumpkin—in drinks, breads, cookies, soups, scones and more! Take your cooking skills to the next level by cooking a meal inside a pumpkin. Check out this delicious-looking Roast Stuffed Pumpkin recipe to start.
  • Craft for autumn – This is a great one to do with kids. Enjoy some crafting time and create home decor items that embrace the season. Autumn wreaths are a wonderful way to set the mood. Kids could each make one for their bedroom doors while adults make one for the front door. Here are some wreath ideas to get your creativity flowing.

Get out there and start checking items off your fall bucket list! Fall is a wonderful time for new experiences or to revisit seasonal favorites. No matter what you choose, seasonal activities can be an exciting way to have a special adventure, whether that’s planning a hike, learning a skill or cooking something new. What’s on your fall bucket list?