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Get your kids thinking healthy this school year

Adventist Health Health and Wellness, News

It was fun while it lasted, but the fleeting days of summer are nearly over as kids throughout Portland prepare for school this September. Instead of packing for another camping trip or binging on late-night pizza and Netflix shows, it's time to load up backpacks, grab lunch bags and speed out the door to the idling bus.

But before sending your kid off to a new classroom and teacher, or a new school altogether, remember that they may need help getting back into the swing of things, from establishing a better sleep schedule to setting priorities.

Consider the changes or hurdles your child may face this school year, and together, prepare for the year ahead. It may be helping them brush up on vocabulary for AP Spanish, or rooting them on to try out for the dance team. For elementary school, it may be teaching them to listen better or share with others.

For younger and older kids alike, it could be helping them overcome the fear of a new classroom and new kids-flying solo is intimidating, no matter your age. Remember that last networking event you attended?

Preparing in advance and offering encouraging words along the way will make the transition back to school easier and set everyone up for a successful year.


"Parents should sit down with their children before schools starts to help prepare them for the year ahead and address any concerns they may have," says Dr. Atarah Sidey, a family medicine specialist with Adventist Health Medical Group. "School can be scary for a lot of kids, young and old, and it's helpful to speak with a parent or guardian about their worries or reservations."

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