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Heartache and Hope - Podcast

Adventist Health Health and Wellness, Mind, Podcast

Having a baby is a life-changing experience, and having a child die before it's born can feel life-shattering. With one in three pregnancies failing to reach full-term, chances are you know someone who has experienced this pain. Pregnancy loss takes a heavy toll on parents as well as the medical professionals who provide care before and during birth. Today we're talking with folks who have experienced pregnancy loss firsthand, to learn how to navigate this difficult experience, what we can do to help as friends and family, and about some unique support tools that are available.

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  • CJ Anderson
  • Marcia Jones, RN
  • John Press
  • Ashley Press

In this episode John and Ashley open up about their experiences, emotions and heartbreak when their daughter suddenly died during the birth process. They share how faith, family and the care team at Adventist Medical Center's Family Birth Place helped them navigate this crisis, and how this community continues to remember and celebrate their daughter's life.

Chances are you know someone who has lost a child during pregnancy. Some studies suggest as many as one in three pregnancies fail to reach full-term. If that's you, or someone you care about we want to remember and celebrate those lives lost with you. Please consider joining us at our Family Birth Place Remembrance Ceremony at Adventist Medical Center.