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Fall-ing in love (again)


As we bid farewell to summer, we welcome the arrival of golden leaves, crisp weather and cozy blankets. Instead of mourning the end of summer, we couldn’t be more excited for a new season! Along with glowing foliage, autumn brings unique opportunities to forge a deeper connection with our significant others. Yes, cooler temperatures make it easier to cuddle up beside the one you love, and there are many easy ways to reconnect when the weather cools down. 

  1. Go out. Fall is a beautiful time of year, rife with outdoor activities to shake up your dating life. From apple picking to baking pumpkin bread, hayrides or evening strolls, allow autumn activities to spark creativity in the way you spend time with the one you love. Connecting in the outdoors is a great way to break up the routines often associated with back-to-school season and create new and meaningful ways to bond. 
  2. Stay in. Strike a match and get the fire going! Ignite some quality time by fixing a fall feast (or even some chili and cornbread). Cuddle up and watch a movie or read together under the same blanket as night falls a little earlier. 
  3. Ask better questions. As the weather really cools and outdoor activities become limited, ensure that you are connecting with your significant other by asking him or her questions beyond the typical, “How was your day?” Sometimes the only element needed to take a conversation deeper is a more poignant, open-ended question that goes a little outside of the box. As we approach the holiday season and the end of this year, it might be a good time to reflect on what this year has brought for you and your partner so far, as well as what else the future may hold. 
  4. Make a new tradition. Fall is a great time to participate in seasonal activities, new and old. Choose one you love and make it something you look forward to doing together annually. Hold a chili cook-off, participate in a corn maze or make it a tradition to watch a holiday film together every year. Give back to your neighborhood or community together by volunteering your time to a new activity, or organizing a local celebration of the season, sharing your love with those around you. 
  5. Express gratitude. The season of Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and should extend to far more than great turkey. Make it a goal this season to daily compliment your partner on the big and little things they do — and then voice your appreciation! Speaking affirmation and taking the time to notice and see all they do for you, your family or even just how they approach life can reinvigorate a relationship.

Are you excited to keep kindling your love (and your love for fall)? Do you have any activities or practices (seasonal or otherwise) that you and your significant other use to stay connected? We’d love to hear your thoughts!