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Celebrating Clergy Appreciation Month


October is a month dedicated to honoring the pastors, clergy and chaplains who help us along life’s journey. These individuals have dedicated their lives to selfless service, often living under the weight of incredible responsibility — the responsibility of guiding and caring for others, while being a constant source and example of God’s love.

While spiritual leaders may traditionally be found at a church, we also wanted to acknowledge the advisors, pastors, clergy members, coaches and counselors who may have been influential in your spiritual journey— even if they were found outside the walls of a religious organization. Though perhaps nontraditional in nature, spiritual leaders also play an important role in the life of Adventist Health.

Clergy at Adventist Health

Clergy Appreciation Month is particularly important to Adventist Health. In our organization, we utilizeclinical chaplaincy in our quest to care for our patients — mind, body and spirit. Our hospital chaplains play a vital role in rehabilitation and healing from the inside out.

Oftentimes, healthcare is focused on delivering treatment and prescribing needed medications. With Adventist Health’s Clinical Chaplaincy Program, these trained clergy members are able to address the emotional and psychological side of each individual, tending to any underlying challenges (conscious or subconscious). Trained with clinical guidelines and counseling standards, our chaplains not only treat the patients during an admitted stay, but offer continuum of care with the intention to avoid re-admittance and achieve lasting rehabilitation.

Through our Clinical Chaplaincy Program, we often find that patients appreciate feeling heard and validated, helping pave the road to healing from psychological trauma. Adventist Health chaplains listenwith intention, working together with our patients to dig deep into the mental psyche — addressing the“human” pains that can often contribute to physical health. When combined with proper healthcare, empathy can be a powerful tool on the road to healing.

We couldn’t be more thankful for these spiritual giants! Through Clinical Chaplaincy, all of the programs and patients at Adventist Health are intentionally connected to a loving and nurturing environment. Our clinical chaplains represent an indispensible part of each of us — our spirits.

Saying Thank You

From handwritten notes, gifts, volunteering time or a simple thank you, October is the month to let your church and spiritual leaders know the impact they have had on your life or the life of someone you love.

If you’ve had an experience with an Adventist Health chaplain or you have your own story of inspiration regarding a pastor or spiritual leader, we’d love to hear it! And of course, don’t forget to share your gratitude with your pastor this month. These individuals deserve all our support and words of praise!