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Why thank your doctor on Doctors' Day?


It seems like every day is a celebration of something. There's National Hot Dog Day (July 23), National Chocolate Pudding Day (June 26), and there's even a day to remember all the foot coverings that somehow went missing in the laundry -- National Lost Sock Memorial Day (May 9).

Most of these don’t require any action, but March 30 is a little different. March 30 is National Doctors' Day, which can be a great time to show appreciation to the people who work hard to keep us healthy.

How should we thank our doctor(s)?

There are different ways you can thank the person or persons who regularly tend to your health and the health of your family. That could be a medical doctor, dentist, chiropractor, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, or a combination of these clinicians!

OB/GYNs traditionally have a brag wall of baby, toddler and teen photos that show how the babies they delivered are growing and changing. This gives the doctors who were there for a person’s first breath a chance to see the results of their handiwork. Maybe swing by and share a picture – or bring the actual child or teen into the office and really surprise them!

Emergency physicians and other critical care providers also appreciate when patients and their families come back to show them how well they are doing after having survived a trauma or serious illness. If an in-person thank you is not feasible, a current photo and a note of thanks can also go a long way to boosting the doctor’s spirits and encouraging them to continue their life-saving work.

And feel free to get specific! For providers who’ve seen you through something important like a knee replacement, cancer treatment, and broken bones – try a picture of you enjoying an activity that would have been impossible if it weren’t for their medical intervention. Maybe a picture of you on a Hip Replacement Hike or doing a Cancer Survivor’s Cha Cha. Show and tell the doctor how their skilled medical treatment has changed your life for the better.

And there’s something in it for you, too

There's also a practical and somewhat selfish reason to thank your caregiver! You want them to know you as a person as well as a patient. Our physical wellness is intertwined with our social and mental status, so we want our doctors to understand it all. By thanking them for their care, you stand out and become even more memorable to them. You are even more of an individual and less of a patient.

So this year take a moment to send your health care provider a note of thanks and maybe a picture that highlights how your life is better because of their dedication to living God’s love and inspiring health, wholeness and hope.