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Adventist Health $20 Challenge reaches Yuba City


During the Adventist Health $20 Challenge, leadership from across the system was given the opportunity to impact their community by investing $20 into something or someone that inspires them. Rideout Health joined the Mission Summit, an event intended to inspire, educate and celebrate Adventist Health’s mission, as the newest member of Adventist Health (Rideout Health, located in Yuba City, California, and Adventist Health affiliation will be official as of April 1). Steve Hammarstrom, vice president of outpatient clinics at Rideout Health, shares how his $20 first turned into $240 and then $1,000 and went on to impact his entire community:

Although our organization isn't officially affiliated with Adventist Health yet, a few of us from Rideout Health were invited to attend the 2018 Mission Summit in Roseville, California. As I left the event, I was given a $20 bill with a very specific challenge: Invest the money in someone or something that inspires me.

Before I was in my car to drive back home to Yuba City, I knew what I was going to do with my $20. I thought of the parable of the talents found in Matthew 25, and that I would invest the talents—or money—I was provided into an idea. 

I have a small team and we manage our medical group and outpatient clinics. I sent a group text and told them about the $20 challenge and even sent a photo of the $20 bill to the group. I asked if anyone would like to participate with me—and then added my own $20 to the total.

My idea was to use these invested funds and purchase desperately needed commodities for a local charity called Hands of Hope. Within minutes, all 10 of my team members were in, bringing our total to $240. After such quick responses from my team, I decided to email the whole medical group. I sent the email before I went to bed on Wednesday night, and I woke up to commitments for hundreds more - truly seeing the power of being “together inspired.”

Meanwhile, I reached out to Hands of Hope to find out what supplies they needed most. Thursday, the day after the summit, our team went and purchased many items needed for women and children in our community. The items were received with sincere gratitude.

We provided a second load of goods the following week, since the money keeps coming in from the investment of an idea. Our project has continued to grow, earning more than $1,000.

I know that one loves that which she or he serves. If you want to love your spouse, community, etc., then serve without thought of anything in return. My team made the comment, "We really needed this." We were thankful to Adventist Health for leading with mission. We are following that lead to serve and have been blessed and inspired for doing so.

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What can $20 do in your community? Comment below or use the hashtag #20DollarChallenge to show us how your investment is impacting your community.