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Top five apps for men’s health


Taking care of yourself is an important, but a frequently overlooked part of life. While both men and women often juggle careers and family life—men tend to be more apt to push maintaining a healthy lifestyle to the bottom of the priority list. When you’re not at your top physical or mental state of mind, other areas of life can begin to suffer. It’s important to maintain a healthy weight, get a good night’s sleep and cook healthy meals that will nourish your mind, body and spirit. Check out this list of five great health-focused apps for men on the go to help improve overall fitness!

My Fitness Pal – A great all-around app, My Fitness Pal offers easy calorie tracking while connecting you with your friends. If you’re motivated by competition, you can participate in challenges to push yourself and friends to earn bragging rights, while getting healthier. Set a calorie goal and start logging food, water, exercise and weight to keep track of your progress and share with your support group. Features such as product scanning and a large database to choose from make it easy to add food to your daily diary.

Men's Health App 1

Fitbod – For those that are already in pretty good shape, Fitbod focuses on lifting heavy weights for progress through strength-training. You’ll create a personalized step-by-step plan to build muscle mass while keeping workouts new and interesting. Fitbod uses artificial intelligence to learn from your past workouts to recommend personalized exercises based on your preferences, struggles and available gym equipment.

Charity Miles – Make the world a better place while you exercise! This app will track your miles from a variety of exercises including walking, running, cycling and other forms of activity and will donate money based on your miles logged. You select your preferred charities from a list including Alzheimer’s Association, Wounded Warrior Project, Autism Speaks, Save the Children and many more!

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Sleepio – Part of feeling good and leading a healthy lifestyle is getting a good night’s sleep. If you’re already tired when you wake up, how can you tackle the day? Sleepio creates a customized sleep program to help you get back on track and reduce the time it takes you to fall asleep, help you stay asleep during the night and make sure you feel rested in the morning.

Fit Men Cook – Just as with sleep, it’s important to fuel your body to live your best, most active life. Proper nutrition goes a long way no matter what your goal. Lose weight, maintain, build muscle or stop binging. No matter what your food goal, Fit Men Cook offers delicious recipes that are easy and affordable to prepare!

These apps go beyond step-tracking to provide a better and more effective strategy for getting a handle on men’s health goals. More importantly, they’ll encourage you to be active, healthy and balanced every day. Whether you use these apps or other motivators, it’s important to take care of yourself!