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Certified Physician Assistant serving in a small community


SELMA – Simmi Riar, a new certified physician assistant at Adventist Health Medical – Office Selma Central, is passionate about caring for patients in small communities.

Access to care in small communities inspired Riar to practice medicine.

Growing up in India, Riar noticed the difference that doctors who visit rural areas have on the community.

Riar studied medicine and surgery at the Ayurvedic Medical School in Punjab, India. She continued onto her physician assistant training at University of California in Davis, Calif., where she became certified.

Throughout her 11 years of experience in practicing medicine, Riar’s focus has been on both body and mind with a focus on empowering patients through health education.

Riar has been married for 22 years and has 2 children, a daughter and a son. She enjoys reading, writing and fitness.

She may be reached at AHMO-Selma Central, 2141 High St, Selma, with a phone number of (559)-856-6110. More information is available at