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Annual Scholarships for Local High School Students

Rideout Press Releases

Marysville, CA – On May, 24, 2018, the Rideout Health Foundation awarded scholarships to 16 local high school seniors.

“Providing inspired health care to our community can only happen if we invest in the education and nurture the growth of the next generation of talented healthcare professionals here in our community”, says Jeff Swanson, Executive Director of the Rideout Health Foundation. “And we have some amazing high school students who are worthy of that investment”.

The Rideout Health Foundation annually invests in worthy students to ensure that we will have a strong healthcare workforce in our community for many generations to come. Scholarships are awarded through two programs to area high school students pursuing healthcare-related courses of study.

The Dorothy C. Wisner Memorial Loan Fund was created in the mid-1950s as a Nurse Recruitment Loan Fund by the Yuba-Sutter-Colusa Medical Society Auxiliary. Today the Dorothy C. Wisner Teen Leadership Council Scholarship provides support to high school students who are seeking to learn about and enroll in a program of study that leads to a career in the health or medical profession.

The Rideout Health Foundation Scholarship Fund was created in 1996 by the Fremont-Rideout Foundation to assist and encourage area high school seniors interested in vocational or professional training in the medical field. These scholarships are supported each year by the fundraising efforts of the Adventist Health and Rideout Hospital Auxiliary.

Both scholarships are the result of the generous philanthropic spirit in the community. “The generosity of one individual can impact countless lives. Nearly 70 years later, the Dorothy Wisner Fund continues to grow in its impact,” says Swanson. “This investment not only changes a student’s life, it provides them with the ability to impact our community health and well-being well into the future as a nurse, physician, or pharmacist -- and that is priceless.” To support the Rideout Health Foundation, please visit