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New Family Practice Physician Joins the Community


WASCO – Dr. Isaac Sanchez, family medicine physician, is caring for patients at Adventist Health Medical Office in Wasco.

Dr. Sanchez completed his undergraduate studies and medical school at University of California, Davis, and residency at White Memorial Medical Center in Los Angeles. He’s certified by the American Board of Family Medicine and has been practicing for four years.

Originally from McFarland in Kern County, Sanchez said science always had his attention as a youth, but he decided to pursue medicine as a student at UC Davis after volunteering at a student-run health clinic which served many Latino and undocumented patients.

“That experience combined my love of science with my desire to do more,” he said. “It’s no secret that people in poverty have a life expectance and overall health status that is not as good as the general population.” 

Sanchez says he likes to approach medicine as a collaborator or team leader, but relies on patients to invest in their health.

“I’m not here just to tell people what to do, I’m here as a collaborator,” he said. “I give them the tools and information they need to get better, but we need to make sure it’s a team effort.”

Dr. Sanchez said there was never a question that he would return to the Central Valley to practice medicine, knowing the need.

He calls himself a “huge” football and baseball fan – “Pittsburgh Steelers and Los Angeles Dodgers” – and plays the guitar and the mandolina, a string instrument commonly played by Mariachi band members.

He met his wife at UC Davis. The couple just had a baby girl, who will turn 1 year old in March. He has family in McFarland and Bakersfield.

Dr. Sanchez may be reached at Adventist Health Medical Office in Wasco, 1040 7th St., by calling (661) 758-7801.