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Communities with one thing in common: You inspire us


Adventist Health serves diverse communities throughout the West Coast and Hawaii. The communities we serve are all very different, but they all have incredible people living in them – people who inspire us every day in our mission.

We set out to meet you. We visited Kailua, Hawaii. And we traversed nearly the entire state of California from south to north: Los Angeles, Glendale, Simi Valley, Tehachapi, Bakersfield, Hanford, Selma, Reedley, Sonora, Lodi, Vallejo, St. Helena, Clearlake, Ukiah, Rideout, Marysville, Paradise and Willits.

In each of these towns and cities, we talked to merchants, teachers, students, volunteers, parents, community leaders and others we just happened to bump into. We took thousands of photos to bring their extraordinary stories to life.

We also interviewed dozens of our doctors, nurses and other caregivers to learn what inspires them to serve. They told us how they delight in getting to know you. How your endless love, hope and optimism have made a difference in them—and in all of us.

We learned that you inspire us in innumerable ways. Here are a few things we heard:

Optimism. Many caregivers are inspired by patients who remain optimistic even when things are tough. These remarkable patients demonstrate a positivity and sheer joy in being alive that spreads to all of us, making our own lives happier.

Perseverance. We never cease to be amazed by your courage and strength in the face of adversity. You rise to the challenge and resolve to get better. Your determination to prevail is truly inspiring.

Human connections. What both inspires and sustains us are the connections between people. The fundamental need to bond with others. We see this in strangers who become friends and in communities that unite for the common good. People break down the artificial barriers that separate us to come together for healing and for fuller lives.

Empathy. We are thrilled to see how much you understand and share the feelings of others. Whether it’s forming support groups or simply comforting someone, you show true love and kindness.

Generosity. Our communities abound with generous spirits. You donate food and clothing, you distribute it to those in need, and you willingly give your time—even when you have little to spare. You give to others even when you have little yourself.

Life lessons. Everything we need to know in life we’ve learned from talking to you. It’s an honor to be invited into your lives and hear your stories. Your mistakes teach us that anyone with good intentions can make a poor choice but can be returned to the right path. Your solutions to challenges remind us that there are few problems which can’t be overcome. And your victories lift our hearts and affirm our calling.

Finally, entwined into the themes above, are faith, hope andlove. The most powerful forces in our lives, and the foundation of all healing.

You, the wonderful people we serve, have taught us much. You inspire us to do more than practice medicine. You inspire us to transform lives.