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Top tips for making the most of your workout


Ah, the gym. It can be a daunting place, full of machines that you don’t know how to use without somehow falling down (not that we speak from experience at all, here…never…), people at the top of their fitness levels that seem so energetic they bounce off the walls—and maybe you’ve found a class that you love doing four times a week…yay! But did you know—you should be training each muscle group two to three times per week with a variety of exercises? And that there’s a certain level of “momentary muscle failure” you should reach when training? Or that there’s a way to organize your workout by groups?

Whew! Before this idea makes you break into a preliminary sweat that sends you for the towels, check out these handy-dandy videos that help you plan a workout that works for you. You’ll be bouncing off those gym walls in no time (safely, of course).