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White Memorial Medical Center and Glendale Adventist work together to save man’s life

News The morning of Jan. 3, Lynch woke up after a late night hockey game in Westminster with an unfamiliar level of pain in his head. Fortunately for Lynch, his girlfriend noticed him "walking funny" and recognized other stroke symptoms.

A call to 911 led to Lynch being transported to White Memorial Medical Center in Boyle Heights where he was treated with clot-busting medication. However, it was only after being taken to Glendale Adventist for a special procedure that the stroke became a reality for Lynch.

"In the ambulance ride over, I was staring at my hand trying to use 'the power of the force' to move it," Lynch said. But it didn't move. "It was then that it really started to set in."

At Glendale Adventist, Grigoryan discovered that Lynch had what's known as a tandem occlusion of the carotid artery — a dangerous double clot that is difficult to treat. The clot-dissolving drug Lynch was given could not take care of the large artery blockage in his brain and, therefore, it required a special procedure.

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