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St. Helena Hospital Clear Lake Receives Gold-Level Well Workplace Award

Awards & Recognition Clearlake, Calif.—St. Helena Hospital Clear Lake is one of 10 companies and organizations nation-wide to receive gold-level recognition in 2017 for its commitment to worksite wellness. The Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) uses a rigorous set of criteria when evaluating organizations that compete to be recognized as among America’s healthiest companies. 

The Well Workplace Gold Award recognizes quality and excellence in worksite health at a level with a comprehensive program that produces results. St. Helena Hospital Clear Lake is one of nine Adventist Health organizations to receive the gold-level recognition; two additional Adventist Health organizations received silver recognition. In total, 11 of the 15 companies to receive a WELCOA award in 2017 were affiliated with Adventist Health. 

St. Helena Hospital Clear Lake has a robust wellness program led by a wellness committee that involves human resources, community wellness, nutrition services and communications leaders who collaborate together to motivate employees through innovative wellness programs and activities. The WELCOA Well Workplace application process was led by Sylvia Dupper, a community wellness project coordinator for the organization. 

“We believe that great health for our community starts with our own team, and this national recognition is great evidence that we’re doing the right things,” said Audrey Barrall, administrative director of human resources. “Our employees are our greatest asset, and we do everything we can to help them flourish physically, mentally spiritually and socially.” 

In 2015, an employee fitness center was opened on the hospital campus that provides a free gym and personal training services to employees. Employee Personal Trainer Lara Keyser leads regular free exercise classes and organizes regular “Be Well Challenges” to motivate employees to engage in exercise, healthy eating and other positive behaviors. Enterprise-wide, the LivingWell whole-person health and wellness program provides additional resources and incentives for healthy behaviors. 

St. Helena Hospital Clear Lake is continuing to grow its health promotion programs in 2017 by hosting Weight Watchers classes on-site with 100% reimbursement for employees and starting a free Live Nicotine Free program to help employees stop smoking. 

“As a health care organization, we are the first to acknowledge that employee wellness is a key pillar in our success,” said Shelly Mascari, director of community wellness. “Our local and Adventist Health executive teams have a bold goal to lower employee health risks, increase our energy to care for our patients and to help each employee enjoy doing what they love.” 

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PHOTO CAPTION: Live Well Program Care Coordinator Jean McNally, MSW, accepts a Wellness prize from a steps challenge organized by Employee Personal Trainer Lara Keyser.