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The most important ER visit you'll make

Adventist Health

The pain is intense. You know you're in trouble. Maybe you're in an ambulance being raced to Adventist Health Portland's emergency room, the siren wailing. You don't even have to think about it-you have to get to a doctor and soon.

When you're facing a life- or limb-threatening emergency, it's not hard to remember you need to head to the ER. But after you're done and back home comes the really important visit: your follow-up visit with your primary care provider.

The right care from the right doctor

Adventist Health's ER doctors are some of the best. In fact, our entire team works hard to get our patients the best care in the shortest amount of time.

From the time you walk into Adventist Health Portland ER, our whole focus is on assessing your condition, stabilizing your emergency, and either getting you admitted to the hospital or home to begin your healing. After that, these physicians depend on your primary care provider to provide your follow-up care.

That's because your primary care doctor knows you best and is able to help you manage your illness or injury on a day-to-day basis-before it becomes a crisis again. Primary care providers are also experts at recommending medications, lifestyle changes and therapies to help you regain your health.

Getting the follow-up care you need

"I just saw a doctor in the ER. Why would I need to see another one?" you may be thinking.

Checking in with your primary care provider reduces your risk of death or a return trip to the ER. Research shows the follow-up visit is especially important for patients with chronic illnesses-like diabetes, COPD or heart failure.

If your primary care doctor is part of Adventist Health Medical Group, they'll be notified when you visit the ER. Just call your doctor's office when you get home and ask for an ER followup visit. And don't worry-our clinics keep special follow-up appointments available to make sure you're seen when you're supposed to be.

And if you don't have a primary care physician, we can help you find one and get your follow-up appointment arranged.

The visit that keeps you out of the ER

However you get your follow-up visit arranged, make it a priority after you've been to the ER. That follow-up visit will help you be sure you're healing properly and help keep you from having a sudden crisis that returns you to the ER.

It's just one of the many important roles a primary care physician plays in your whole-person health. If you don't have a primary care physician, don't wait for an emergency to start that relationship. Contact Adventist Health Medical Group at 503-261-6929 today to find a primary care physician that meets your individual needs and preferences-and will help keep you out of the ER in the first place.