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Yelp Review of the Month featuring our Maternity Services Department!

Awards & Recognition

Take a look at our featured Yelp review of the month! 

A big thank you to White Memorial's Maternity Services Department for their continued first-class care. This warms our hearts!


"I was initially weary of scheduling the delivery of my littles one at White Memorial with is being not particularly close to me.... however, my experience with the Maternity Services there was nothing short of wonderful. This truly is a baby-friendly hospital. From the moment my twin boys were delivered via c-section in their state of the art operating room, they never left my side. They were placed in my arms and rolled with me to the recovery room, and then I held them again as I was moved to my postpartum room. For every test that needed to be performed on me or my babies, they came to me and did them in my room. They offered vegan cuisine to meet my needs and checked on my babies and me around the clock. The 3am nurses had the same positive upbeat energy as the 3pm nurses. I had a phone to reach my shift nurse anytime I needed anything, and they even sent a lactation specialist to work on nursing with me. I even loved my room which was spacious and had a huge bench/ seat that my hubby stayed on for the 3 days we were there (did I mention the sick view of the sunrise from my window?)."

"I have nothing but high praises for this hospital and I'm so grateful that my OB convinced me that White Memorial was the way to go. Oh, and when we were discharged, they gifted me with sooooo many diapers and beautiful soft blankets for the little ones not to mention a special meal for hubby and me topped with a carnation flower and sparkling cider!"

You can visit White Memorial Medical Center's Yelp page here

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