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Turning New Year's Resolutions into Successful Goals and Achievable Behaviors

Adventist Health Health and Wellness, Podcast

Casey helps people create plans a systems for organizing their busy lives. She's passionate about helping clients develop a plan for making positive change, and using small attainable behaviors to develop positive habits. Who better to give us tips on how to set (and actually achieve) personal goals for the new year.

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In this Episode

  • CJ Anderson
  • Casey Hazlett, Sustainably Organized

Start small and easy

Begin your new habit with a first step you can't say no to. Drink one extra glass of water (do it right now). You've just taken a step to improve your fitness and health.

What gets measured gets done. Think about how you will measure and track your progress toward a goal

Don't give up. Don't fail.

When the inevitable challenges come don't quit. Look at why

Minimize your distractions

Think about how other parts of your environment or life affect your ability to concentrate or complete your goal

  • Your phone
  • Music
  • TV

Have a plan for when you fail

Never miss twice

One slip up doesn't have to be the end of your goal. Acknowledge that it may (or will) happen and have a plan to get right back to your goal.

Habit stacking

  • Combine your goal activity with something you already enjoy doing
  • Only watch your favorite TV show (or listen to your favorite podcast...) while exercising
  • Plan a weekly date to organize your schedule and budget at your favorite coffee shop
  • See the note above about distractions though

Recruit a partner for accountability and to make your healthy habits more social

Plan some time or resources for activities that can support your goals

Researching recipes for eating healthy, or prepping meals ahead of time

Shopping for new running shoes

Share your big goals and/or small supporting behaviors in the comments below. If you need some help with your wellness goal we're here for you. Share a question and we'll track down an expert to answer it in a future episode.


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