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Dr. Kathryn J. Shaw of White Memorial Medical Center featured in Healthline article: Health Concerns for New Mothers at 50


Pop star Janet Jackson gave birth to her first child last week.

Normally, that would be simple celebrity news. Except for the fact that Jackson is 50 years old.

According to People magazine, the delivery was stress-free and both mother and son are doing well.

Jackson is part of a growing trend of women waiting well past their 30s to start a family.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the average age of a woman giving birth to her first child has been rising for four decades ...

Dr. Kathryn J. Shaw is the division director for Maternal-Fetal Medicine at White Memorial Medical Center in Los Angeles. In an email to Healthline, she offered some advice to prospective moms.

“Although it is true that many women are delaying childbearing, it is very important that women do sit down with the physician — primary care or OB-GYN — to discuss the risks and other concerns before conceiving,” she said. “In some cases — over the age of 45 for sure — referral to an infertility specialist is advisable because the likelihood of spontaneous conception is low, and because of the significant genetic risks of using her own eggs.”

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