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Cozy up with a new indoor hobby

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So you've been enjoying the fabulously crisp, chilly winter outdoors by taking up snowboarding or sledding and maybe you've decided that perhaps it's time to take a break from hitting the snowy hills-it's just a little too chilly for your liking. Does the idea of sitting by the fireplace (or in some of our cases, the wall heater-the glorious wall heater) with a cup of hot chocolate sounds pretty ideal right about now? Sure it does!

While there are some great opportunities to try your hand at outdoor hobbies this season, there are also a ton of fun activities that you can get into without leaving your house (or in some cases, the temperature-controlled gym!). So throw on your coziest sweater, your favorite winter playlist, and try a few of these indoor hobbies on for size. We won't judge you if you also try them while wearing your favorite flannel onesie.

Paint some pretty pictures…or just doodle a few

Do you ever find yourself nostalgic for the days of elementary school art class? If so, then maybe it's time you picked up that paint brush again and created your next masterpiece-all it takes is a canvas and some acrylic paints to get started. You can also go old-school and simply use a sketchbook and some pencils (because doodling is also fun, no matter your skill level!). Coloring books are also a fun, and often stress-relieving, option.

Dig into a good book, or write your own

Just because you can't dive into the outdoor pool right now doesn't mean you can't dive into a good book. Check out your local library or bookseller for some fun new reads-librarians are very knowledgeable and would love the chance to help you find the perfect book.

And while you're at it, why not try writing a story of your own? This website has some fun writing prompts that can get your brain flowing with story ideas-and you can also bring your friends and family in on the fun and start your own creative writing group to share stories and other creative ideas.

Cook up a storm

Though it may be tempting to bake nothing but cookies and make hot apple cider for the winter months, this is a great season to warm up your soul (and house!) by trying out some new recipes. Have you always wanted to learn how to make a hearty soup or cook with seasonal veggies? Now would be a great time to start! This is also a great activity for the family.

You've probably already mastered the fine art of hot chocolate, but have you considered trying other hot beverages like teas? There are so many different varietals and steeping/brewing methods, these might be something fun to learn about-especially if you're looking to pair them with that great new cinnamon scone you just learned how to make.

Sew/crochet/knit something real nice...

What better time to learn how to sew, crochet or knit than the months when you could really use some nice new scarves and hats? Learning a new hand craft is not only a great way to stay busy indoors, but also a chance to make some rad gifts for your loved ones-because what better gift to give than something from the heart?

And once you get the hang of it, why not start a sewing circle and donate some handmade items such as blankets, scarves and other items to a charity? Contact your local church, shelter, hospital or a national organization like Project Linus to get connected with a great opportunity to spread some warmth!

Build the fort castle of your dreams

You're never too old to build a fort. If anything, your architectural skills will have only sharpened with time, and you can recruit your kids to help you construct your masterpiece with pillows, blankets and cardboard boxes. Bonus points if you "camp out" in the fort for family movie night-just don't forget the popcorn.

Spin, kick and swim your heart out

Just because it's too chilly to swim, bicycle or jog in the great outdoors doesn't mean your fitness routine has to suffer-or launch you into a boring vortex of stair climbers and elliptical circuits. This is a great time to start indoor rock climbing, pick up a spin class or try out kickboxing. Many gyms also have indoor pools with a variety of water aerobics classes to choose from-plus this gives you a great chance to rock that hot pink swimsuit all year long.

While the weather outside may be a bit frightful, the indoors sure can be delightful. Whether you're crafty, sporty or simply eager to try mastering a new recipe, there's almost an endless possibility for discovering fun new indoor hobbies-and many of them can be taken outdoors when that snow finally melts. Happy crafting!