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Adventist Medical Center: The Fastest Emergency Department in Portland

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Portland Business Journal recognition of shortest ER wait timeTo be honest, we are more than a little excited. Last week, the Portland Business Journal reported the longest and shortest wait times for Portland-area hospital emergency departments.

We are delighted to report that Adventist Medical Center's ER was rated No. 1 in Portland for how quickly patients are seen by a doctor and how long they spend in our ER before heading home or being admitted to the hospital.

Is Faster Emergency Care Better?

The best emergency care comes not from speed but from getting the right diagnosis and the right treatment. Adventist Health is more concerned with your health and well-being than how fast we get you out the door.

That said, we understand how uncomfortable and frustrating it is to wait when you need to be seen by a doctor. We make it a priority to get you in to see the right provider as fast as possible. Then we work hard to get you headed home to recover or admitted to the hospital quickly.

Not All ER Trips Are Created Equal

Fast ERPart of what ensures our patients get the best emergency care is our process of triage. When you arrive in our emergency room, we immediately work to understand exactly why you've come. With that information about you and every other patient in the ER at that time, our expert staff prioritizes who is seen first.

Unlike at urgent care, where the first person to arrive is typically the first person seen, emergency rooms first take care of patients with illnesses or injuries that threaten their lives or permanent disability.

Next up, the focus is on serious illness and injury that must be seen within a few hours to avoid becoming life- or limb-threatening.

You're most likely to wait the longest if you come to the ER with a non-urgent condition. This could be an illness like uncomplicated flu or an injury like a sprain that, while in need of attention, can be treated after more urgent conditions are handled.

That means you may be in for a longer-than-average wait if you come to the ER for a less urgent problem. That also means you'll get the fastest care possible if you come in with signs of a life-threatening emergency like a heart attack or stroke!

The Real Goal: Better, Safer ER Care

As much as our ER staff strives to keep your emergency wait to a minimum, our top priority is to give you and every other patient the best and safest care possible.

That goal drives us to keep looking for ways to help us better serve all our ER patients. Some of our recent improvements include how quickly we get lab tests and x-rays ordered for you. That means when you see a provider, they already have important information in hand to help diagnose and treat you.

We also continually work to improve on our already excellent clinical quality. For instance, recently reduced catheter use has helped lower infection rates while increasing comfort for our patients.

Follow-up Care You Can Have Faith In

Because we are on a mission to partner with you for whole-body healing and wellness, we care just as much about what happens after you leave the Adventist Medical Center ER.

Adventist Health Medical Group primary care and specialty care clinics keep appointments available for your follow-up care so you can be seen on time. After you leave the ER or hospital, you'll be able to get a timely appointment at one of our convenient clinic location on the east side of Portland and Vancouver.

During emergencies or just day-to-day life, you can have faith you'll get the best and safest care from Adventist Health. We partner with you on your journey to whole-person health and wellness, every step of the way.