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Best of 2017

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It's that time of year-the time when Christmas feasting leads to New Year declarations do better and be better.
As another year comes to a close, we wanted to take another look at some of the most popular LivingWellPDX posts of 2017. Each of these offers tips you can use to make your 2018 healthier, fitter and safer.

Office Stretches and Exercises to Stay Fit
First, a confession: This was posted in 2016. But it continues to be one of our most popular posts. Research shows a desk job can literally kill you by increasing your risk of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Our handy infographic makes an easy reference to help you keep your metabolism going throughout your workday.

Preventing memory loss: Tips for keeping your brain healthy
Do you remember the 5 W's to help your memory stay sharp? Dr. Y Pritham Raj, the board-certified psychiatrist and internist who serves as medical director of Adventist Health's Emotional Wellness Center, shares his tips for preventing and slowing memory loss at any age.

Total eclipse of the car: Tips to survive gridlock
The total solar eclipse may be long gone, but the realities of road trips and gridlock can pop up anytime. As we await the next Snowpocalypse to freeze all of Portland in its grips, take a few minutes to remind yourself how to prepare for long trips or being stuck in gridlock-and update your eclipse list to include some snow-worthy blankets and handwarmers.

7 unhealthy "health" foods you should be avoiding
New Year's resolutions often mean we're thinking about how we can make our diet better. But, believe it or not, there are a number of supposedly healthy foods you should probably put on your "naughty" list for the coming year.

The Anticancer Diet
Sarah Winslow, a primary care doctor with Adventist Health in the Fishers Landing clinic in Vancouver, shares a host of foods you can put on your "nice" list for the coming year. She maps out a diet that will help you prevent cancer-and, as it turns out, it's a pretty healthy way to eat for many reasons.

We're happy you've been part of the Adventist Health Portland family this year. We look forward to continuing to connect you with helpful tips and the best advice for making your new year the healthiest yet.