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Yuba County Sheriff’s Department SWAT Team Training Held at the New Rideout Regional Medical Center building

Rideout Press Releases

Marysville, September 2016 - The Yuba County Sheriff's Department SWAT team conducted a training exercise on Wednesday, September 19, at the new Rideout Regional Medical Center building in Marysville, California.

A number of gun-toting officers in full gear could be seen at the hospital as they conducted the trainings where they assessed strategic points of entry and familiarized themselves with the layout of the hospital in the event of a SWAT emergency. This training was unique as SWAT members were able to practice at an actual hospital and not in a warehouse or on a training ground.

Lieutenant Wendell Anderson said he was grateful that hospital administrators allowed the department use of the facility. "We strive to work with businesses and others in the community to make our hometown safer for all. The willingness of Rideout Health to invite us in – to show us the layout of the hospital and to conduct a training exercise definitely benefits us and the hospital. Hopefully Rideout will never need to utilize our services – but we'll be ready should the need arise."

"We are happy to support our community partners, whether they be the Yuba County SWAT Team, Marysville Police Department, Beale Air Force Base or other. We are pleased and proud to build on these working and trusted relationships," said Melissa Burns, Chief Operating Officer, Rideout Health.

The Yuba County Sheriff Department SWAT team is part of the Yuba County Operations Division. The team is comprised of a commander and ten tactical operators. Members of the SWAT team receive training each month in a variety of areas. The team responds to incidents that require a coordinated team approach, to resolving critical incidents, including dealing with barricaded subjects, hostage rescue, high risk warrant services, anti sniper activity and dignitary protection. The team frequently partners with the Federal Bureau of Investigation for trainings and all team members belong to both the National Tactical Officer's Association (NTOA) and the California Association of Tactical Officers (CATO)