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Study Reports Highest Rate of Exclusive Breastfeeding at Lodi Health

Childbirth Lodi Memorial Hospital had the highest rate of exclusive breastfeeding by new mothers of any hospital in San Joaquin County for 2014 and has been named the highest performing hospital in the county, according to a study released Thursday by the UC Davis Human Lactation Center and the California WIC Association. The study shows that 75.9 percent of new mothers were breastfeeding exclusively when they went home, compared to the county average of 63.3 percent. The study also compares breastfeeding done in any degree, to which Lodi Memorial Hospital ranked second with 93.8 percent of babies being breastfed at least partially. 

Lodi Memorial Hospital is one of two Baby-Friendly Hospitals in the county, and its standards play an important role in helping mothers successfully breastfeed. The survey emphasizes breastfeeding as an important first step in protecting the health of mothers and infants, nourishing infants and building a foundation for a healthy immune system. As breastfeeding can sometimes be discoursing, Lodi Health offers mothers support from a team of certified lactation consultants and well-trained nurses. 

“This achievement speaks volumes — about our lactation consultants, as well as the nurses, who on a daily basis, work so closely with new mothers. It is truly a team effort,” Maternal Child Services Director Valerie Stump said. 

Lodi Memorial Hospital offers a number of programs to assist parents, including lactation classes and a warm Line for mothers to call if they are experience difficulty breastfeeding. These services are promoted by pediatricians, obstetricians and gynecologists who practice at Lodi Memorial.