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Smoke Free Oregon

Adventist Health Health and Wellness, Podcast

Last year, 3,100 kids in Oregon started smoking. That's more than graduated from all the public high schools in Medford, Bend and Pendleton. Three out of four high school students who start smoking will continue to do so as adults, putting their health and quality of life at risk. Meanwhile, the tobacco industry spends $1 million per hour to make sure we know how sweet, cheap and easy to get their product are.

For individuals who want help quitting tobacco, and communities who want to change the narrative about tobacco use, the Oregon Health Authority has created a powerful resource. Today's episode features Smoke Free Oregon, the work they're doing in our communities and how we can all get involved.

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In this Episode

  • CJ Anderson
  • Luci Longoria, Oregon Health Authority


Here's one of many stories about how local community members are making a personal commitment to this cause:

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