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"Efficient care, happier patients" -- White Memorial featured in OC Register


Randy Saad once spent his weekends poring over logs of patient data at home, searching for flaws in hospital protocol. Though labor-intensive, it was the only way he could identify potentially problematic patterns.

“It would take a complaint to bring attention to a process,” said Saad, the senior director of perioperative services at White Memorial Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Now Saad's weekends of slogging through records are a thing of the past. With the click of a mouse, he can create reports on the efficiency of outpatient or inpatient procedures, and sort them by physician. All of this require s little or no extra work for his staff.

The system that has made Saad's life easier is from an early-stage tech company in Irvine called Tagnos, which uses lightweight tags, sensors, analytics and a proprietary database to pinpoint and display a patient's location in the hospital. It can be installed hospitalwide or in targeted departments.

After installing Tagnos technology in 2007, White Memorial realized “immediate benefits,” Saad said. The system has enabled him to reduce staffing costs by reassigning workers to busier shifts, thus saving the hospital $500,000 annually and making patients happier by ensuring that they are seen quickly.