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Mendo Lake Credit Union Matches with Adventist Health Employees Gifts to Raise Funds for Transportation for Patients

Philanthropy Clearlake, Calif.—Mendo Lake Credit Union is partnering with St. Helena Hospital Clear Lake during the health care organization’s Employee & Provider Giving Campaign. Mendo Lake Credit Union will match employee & provider gifts to the More Than Wheels Campaign up to $15,000. The More Than Wheels Campaign is raising funds to expand St. Helena Hospital Clear Lake’s patient transportation services. 

“When we heard that a third of cancelled medical appointments are because patients can’t find a ride to the hospital or clinic, we knew this was a cause worth supporting,” said Richard Cooper, CEO of Mendo Lake Credit Union. “By partnering with St. Helena Hospital Clear Lake’s employees and providers, we can put more shuttles on the road, which means more rides for patients.” 

Rebecca Southwick, St. Helena Hospital Clear Lake Philanthropy Officer, launched the More Than Wheels Campaign in May 2016 after patients and employees told her the hospital’s current shuttle was overburdened. The Campaign’s goal is to have two new ADA-compliant vans on the road next year and a fully-funded “After Hours Fund” to ensure that hospital patients have bus or cab fare upon discharge, day or night. 

The Campaign is even closer to reaching its $135,000 goal thanks to employee contributions and Mendo Lake Credit Union’s generous matching gift. “This campaign is addressing a real need in our community, and our many supporters have been incredibly generous,” says Southwick. “They understand that if patients can’t access vital health and disease prevention services, we’ll never move the wellness dial in our community.” 

Employees are responding to the More Than Wheels Campaign match from Mendo Lake Credit Union as well. “A large percentage of our patients have no car, and there are many nights that I have taken money from my own pocket and provided a taxi,” shared Dianne Kieffer, a nurse in the hospital’s emergency department. “I am excited for what this will mean for our patients.” 

To join in the More Than Wheels Campaign, contact Rebecca Southwick at 995-5677 or email Learn more.