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Mother Lode Sleep Center Joins Sonora Regional Medical Center

Mother Lode Sleep Center has joined Sonora Regional Medical Center and will continue to offer sleep studies for the diagnosis of a variety of disorders. The sleep technologists at Mother Lode Sleep Center will work in collaboration with the Sleep Center at Adventist Medical Center—Hanford, a sister Adventist Health facility in Hanford, California.

Naeem Rana, MD, who is board certified in both Pulmonology and Sleep Medicine, will interpret the sleep studies and provide detailed reports to the patient’s primary or referring physician who will then order treatments based on the sleep study results. With access to Adventist Health’s electronic medical record system, the staff at Mother Lode Sleep Center will have the ability to work closely with the physicians and staff at Sonora Regional Medical Center.

A lot of people think their sleep problem is just an annoyance but people with sleep disorders are at risk for developing other conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or heart problems. People who suffer with poor sleep often feel drowsy and fall asleep during the day, affecting their daily activities and creating dangers such as falling asleep at the wheel. And sleep apnea, a disorder in which there are repeated pauses in breathing during sleep, can prevent the body from getting enough oxygen and can lead to stroke or heart failure if left untreated.

Patients are encouraged to talk to their doctor if they have any bothersome symptoms from poor sleep and ask if a sleep study may help diagnose the problem. Mother Lode Sleep Center offers sleep studies in the overnight hours and appointments are made by referral only. Mother Lode Sleep Center is located at 729 Pauline Court in Sonora and can be reached at (209)-536-5160.