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Having a primary care provider is good for your health

Adventist Health News

Striving for wellness can often feel like solving a puzzle, and having your own doctor is the best way to put all the pieces together.

Primary care providers regularly discover underlying medical conditions or chronic diseases such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease during routine medical check-ups. That's because over time, primary care providers get to build strong relationships with their patients and familiarize themselves with their medical history, making it easier to track patient wellness and identify unusual changes in health.

While many consumers choose express care clinics and urgent care facilities for convenience, it's valuable to have a primary care provider who can address overall patient health that may not be considered through the express care model. Serious medical issues and conditions can go unnoticed and unaddressed if express care is substituted for a primary care provider.

Primary care providers have the capacity to take a whole-person approach to health, addressing a patient's social, emotional and mental health in addition to treating one symptom or physical ailment.

"Scheduling annual health check-ups and routinely visiting the same physician or provider lets the experts track patterns and keep patients healthy over the long run," said Dr. Marc Moroye, chief medical officer for Healthcare Resources NW, a network of providers affiliated with Adventist Health that is available through health plans in Oregon. "Following the Adventist Health model for care, I always aim to be a partner in my patients' health. If something about their care isn't working for them or they don't feel right, we work as a team to resolve the problem and get to the root of a health issue."

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