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Doctors' Day Contest Winners!!!


CENTRAL VALLEY – Patients throughout the Central Valley expressed their gratitude for their Adventist Health / Central Valley Network physicians during a Doctors’ Day contest in March.

This year, the contest was also open to Adventist Health / Central Valley Network employees who interact with physicians on a day-to-day basis. As a result, more than 70 entries were submitted. The entries were placed into four separate drawings; two patient drawings and two employee drawings in the north and south, for a chance to win an Apple iWatch or Fitbit Blaze.

The winners were Jaynece Bradley, a patient of Dr. Panteha Rezaeian, who is a physician at Community Care – Hanford residency; Adrian Ramirez, an employee who works with Dr. Swapna Palav at Adventist Medical Center – Selma; Gema Rodriguez, a patient of Dr. Paul White, who is an OB-GYN at Community Care – Reedley Women’s Health; and Maria Rodriguez, an employee who works with Dr. Dustin Schleif, a hospitalist at Adventist Medical Center – Hanford.

Here are each of their entries:

“Dr. [Panteha] Rezaeian is very intelligent in accurately diagnosing illnesses. I have been a patient for 1 ½ years at the Residency clinic… Dr. Rezaeian educates you about your illness. She gives you wisdom, courage and serenity… She has every patient’s best interest at heart. Being under her care you will gain knowledge to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Most importantly, Dr. Rezaeian will refer you to a specialist, when needed… Dr. Rezaeian is a great asset to the Residency clinic. She is dedicated to her patients and demonstrates excellent medical care. She has taught me to achieve a complete healthy lifestyle, by creating a balanced wellness with my body, mind and soul. My acknowledgement and sincere gratitude to Dr. Rezaeian. Thank you for excellent, professional medical care.” ~Jaynece Bradley, Hanford patient

“…a patient [couldn’t eat for three days] for a procedure. After the procedure, she could not tolerate a diet, except for fresh squeezed orange juice. The patient was accustomed to fresh squeezed juice on a daily basis prior to the hospitalization. Consequently, in hearing this, Dr. [Swapna] Palav went above and beyond to ensure the patient received fresh squeezed juice by bringing in a juicer and oranges for her. Overwhelmed with joy at the doctor’s expression of caring, the patient shared her story with all who listened. The patient loved the juicer and the care she received. Those that work with Dr. Palav know she is kind, courteous and caring. Dr. Palav epitomizes the Adventist Health mission and vision by going above and beyond for her patients and staff alike, making this the best place to receive care and the best place to work.”~Adrian Ramirez, Selma employee

“I am a patient of Dr. Paul White’s in Reedley. I briefly want to thank God and him. He completely changed my lifestyle. He is an excellent doctor and surgeon, and I am very grateful and happy for the cure to the disease he helped me with.” ~Gema Rodriguez, Reedley patient

“I would like to recognize Dr. Dustin Schleif for his excellent teamwork abilities, bedside manners, politeness and disposition to work with a multidisciplinary team. [One night,] I had to call Dr. Schleif multiple times for pain medications, lab results, an agitated patient and the list goes on. I felt sorry for him when I also heard my co-workers calling him with multiple issues. However, I was also very impressed with the way Dr. Schleif handled the situation. He was never rude, he listened to my concerns and acted accordingly to promote the patient’s safety, well-being and satisfaction with care. I feel my patients are in great hands when he is our hospitalist, and/or have to call him for anything my patients may need. If this hospital would have a medal for our best hospitalist, I would definitely nominate Dr. Dustin Schleif.” ~Maria Rodriguez, Hanford employee

Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to the community for sharing your stories. We would also like to thank our doctors for living our Adventist Health vision to be the best place to receive care, practice medicine and work.