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From the Gridiron to the Operating Room – Podcast

Adventist Health Podcast, Aspire Orthopedic Institute

A former Ivy-League football player once drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles, Dr. Benjamin Balme is now a surgeon at Aspire Orthopedic Institute. Today we're talking with him about his unique background and how football and military service influence him as a physician.

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In this episode Dr. Balme shares his memories from playing football in college, making the 1960 All-American team as a guard, and being drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles. Dr. Balme planned to play football for a year or so, to earn money to attend medical school. As it turned out, he was one of the last two players cut by the Eagles before the 1960-61 season.

Dr. Balme reflects on how his competitive nature influenced his football career, as well as his passion for practicing medicine at the highest level. He also points to the value of a strong team working together in each environment. He opens up about what led him to orthopedics and how the field has changed throughout his career.